Series and Single Titles


The Magic of the Heart Series


1- Magic FoundMAGIC FOUND (Book One)

Marissa Spencer’s world has been turned upside down since waking up one morning with magical powers. She has no idea where they came from and controlling them has not been easy. To make matters worse, these new abilities seem to have brought with them a mysterious evil force that torments her dreams and tracks her down dark alleys. With the help of her sexy PI boss, Jack Slade—whom Marissa has always had a crush on—she will have to fight a battle for power that began before she was born. Along the way, she’ll discover a family she didn’t know she had, an inheritance she may not want, a strength she never knew was within her, and a love she’d only dreamed of.



2 - Magic HiddenMAGIC HIDDEN (Book Two) 

“They want my baby. They’ll kill me to get it.”

 When Lindsay Donnelly comes to Aiden desperate to save her unborn baby, he can’t turn her away. He, better than anyone, knows what lengths evil will go to in its quest for power. Together, they’ll face off against the dark magic of her late husband’s family. And when the unthinkable happens, Aiden will delve into magic more powerful than he’s ever used to save an innocent child. A child he’s already come to love. If only his feelings for its beautiful, strong, independent mother were so easy to come to terms with.



3 - Magic Lost

 MAGIC LOST (Book Three)

Amber Marquand has always loved being a hereditary witch. So when Quinn Harrison, the man she’s given her heart to, betrays her and steals her powers, she’ll stop at nothing to find him. Along the way, a dark plot set in motion decades before comes to light, and Amber soon realizes that he, like her, is a victim of this evil ploy. When Quinn is marked for death, the hunt quickly turns into a race against time to save him. Will Amber find her powers, and the man she loves, or will they both be lost to her forever?




MAGIC REVEALED (Book Four)4 - Magic Revelaed

Born into an already-powerful family, Gideon Marquand is a special kind of witch. The most recent in a long line of super-witches, he is the first in over two hundred years to emerge possessing unlimited stores of magic. He is hunted—driven into hiding until the day when he can finally reclaim his rightful place among his family.

Gideon has spent his entire life preparing for a showdown against an evil force bent on his destruction. But when fate intervenes and puts a broken and damaged woman in his path, Gideon knows he’ll not only have to fight for his life…He’ll have to fight to save the woman meant to be his.




RavenStorm Witches


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The RavenStorm Witches have taken the art of revenge to an all new level. Hilarity ensues when Maeve and the rest of her Coven of Bitches take on the liars, manipulators, and bullies who’ve hurt or betrayed their loved ones. And for those needing a little something extra… there’s always the stock from the better-off-dead potions cabinet.









Burke Witches Series


Aria's Law CoverARIA’S LAW (Book One)

Aria Burke hadn’t wanted to believe the stories from her childhood. But when her visions suddenly turn dark and ominous, detailing the deaths of everyone she loves, she knows she can’t deny the truth any longer. Evil is coming for them…earlier than predicted.

According to the prophecy, she has one year left to prepare for the upcoming battle. But if she has any hope of being ready, she’ll need to reunite with her sister and brothers. As the four marked by fate and gifted the powers of the elements, they will have to wage war—no matter the cost.

But when a rough and sexy biker rides into her life, she’ll have to decide if the sacrifice she’s destined to make means losing herself… Or losing the man she loves.

Anna's Knight CoverANNA’S KNIGHT (Book Two)

Anna Burke knows evil is coming for her. A prophecy, spoken centuries earlier, tells of a battle she and her siblings will have to fight and win. She’s accepted that and has trained her entire life, honing her magic in preparation for that destiny. But when a tough and sexy ex-MMA competitor and a small, traumatized child find their way into her life, she’ll have more at risk than ever before.  

Joe Conrad understands fighting, and he’s had his fair share of bloody bouts. But when he falls for Anna Burke, the trouble she brings with her is well beyond anything he’s ever encountered. Witches, magic, and an evil hundreds of years old—Joe never could have imagined what he’d face by standing at her side. But there’s no place he’d rather be.

EVAN’S PRIDE (Book Three)

Evan Burke is a detective first and a hereditary witch second. When he solves cases, it’s done solely with his intellect and investigative skill. But when a serial murder case he’s working takes an unexpected turn, he’ll have to find a way to reconcile his two worlds before it’s too late.
Kyra is being hunted. By the police and by someone who’s obsessed with owning her. She needs help, but if life has taught her anything, it’s that putting her faith in someone else is a mistake. When she finds herself in a desperate situation, her only option is the cop who’s trying to put away for murder. Can she trust him? Or will he prove to be like all the others and betray her?



Ethan Burke lost his only love four years ago in a tragic accident. Living without her has been hell, and in his grief, he’s done things he wishes he hadn’t. Things that not only hurt his family, but almost cost them something precious. He’s trying to get his life back on track to prepare for the fight ahead. In only a few short months, an ancient evil will be set free. But when a woman arrives with a face from his past, he realizes that only love can save them all.

When Paige Harrison finds out that she’s been living a lie and those closest to her are the ones responsible, she demands answers. But when her search puts her in the crosshairs of not one, but two killers, she realizes she can’t do it alone. Ethan Burke seems to be the only willing volunteer, but his presence has her nightmares raging to life. Can she overcome her fears to see the man Ethan is? Or will her quest for knowledge only send her up in flames?