About Me


I have always loved to read. It’s said in my family that I refused to start kindergarten because I didn’t know how. So my grandfather sat me down, at four years old, and showed me how all those words became amazing stories. All these years later, and I still love to loose myself in the pages of a book.

After graduating from high school, I attended college and earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration.I  married the man I met in high school and we had two handsome boys. For the next few years worked and took care of my family. Our oldest son now has a baby of his own, our granddaughter, and the youngest is in 11th grade and driving. Will have to be planning an open house soon

The writing bug didn’t hit me until much, much later. It was shortly after I started working as an office manager in a construction company that a family of witches started clamoring for attention. The next thing I knew, I was writing my first novel. And because these witches insisted on having their stories told, it turned into The Magic of the Heart Series: MAGIC FOUND, MAGIC HIDDEN, MAGIC LOST, & MAGIC REVEALED.

Most days my writing is done with at least one of my two little Shorky’s in my lap competing for space with my laptop. They’re only a little bit spoiled, lol.

writing buddy


Alway need a little down time. Love to ride with my husband.




After The Magic of the Heart Series is complete, I plan to continue writing. You’ll just have to stick around to find out what comes next.